Sometimes SILENCE says it all !!!

Spend some time ALONE everyday.. Remember that SILENCE is sometimes the best answer you can get ever from yourself !!!! Look at yourself In the 'MIRROR of INTROSPECTION' That is the only way YOU can become flawless in the SPIRITUAL MIRROR of UR SOUL !!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Life !!

A boy was born to a couple after eleven years of marriage.

They were a loving couple and the boy was the apple of their eyes.When the boy was around two years old, one morning the husband saw a medicine bottle open. He was late for work so he asked the wife to cap the bottle and keep it in the cupboard.

The mother, preoccupied in the kitchen,totally forgot the matter. The boy saw the bottle and playfully went to the bottle and, fascinated with its color, drank it all.

It happened to be a poisonous medicine meant for adults in small dosages.When the child collapsed, the mother hurried him to the hospital,where he died. The mother was stunned.

She was terrified how to face her husband. When the distraught father came to the hospital and saw the dead child, he looked at his wife and uttered just four words.

What do you think were the four words?

The husband just said "I Love You Darling"

The husband's totally unexpected reaction is proactive behavior. The child is dead. He can never be brought back to life. There is no point in finding fault with the mother. Besides, if only he have taken time to keep the bottle away, this will not have happened. No point in attaching blame. She had also lost her only child. What she needed at that moment was consolation and sympathy from the husband. That is what he gave her.

Moral: Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible or who to blame, whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. We miss out some warmth in human relationship in giving each other support. After all, shouldn't forgiving someone we love be the easiest thing in the world to do? Treasure what you have. Don't multiply pain, anguish and suffering by holding on to forgiveness. If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be much fewer problems in the world. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unwillingness to forgive, selfishness, and fears and you will find things are actually not as difficult as you think...!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 symptoms of killing our dreams

The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short. The truth is, they are afraid to fight the Good Fight.
The second symptom of the death of our dreams lies in our certainties. Because we don’t want to see life as a grand adventure, we begin to think of ourselves as wise and fair and correct in asking so little of life. We look beyond the walls of our day-to-day existence, and we hear the sound of lances breaking, we smell the dust and the sweat, and we see the great defeats and the fire in the eyes of the warriors. But we never see the delight, the immense delight in the hearts of those who are engaged in the battle. For them, neither victory nor defeat is important; what’s important is only that they are fighting the Good Fight.

And, finally, the third symptom of the passing of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunday afternoon; we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give. In that state, we think of ourselves as being mature; we put aside the fantasies of our youth, and we seek personal and professional achievement. We are surprised when people our age say that they still want this or that out of life. But really, deep in our hearts, we know that what has happened is that we have renounced the battle for our dreams – we have refused to fight the Good Fight.
When we renounce our dreams and find peace, we go through a short period of tranquility. But the dead dreams begin to rot within us and to infect our entire being.

We become cruel to those around us, and then we begin to direct this cruelty against ourselves. That’s when illnesses and psychoses arise. What we sought to avoid in combat – disappointment and defeat – come upon us because of our cowardice.

And one day, the dead, spoiled dreams make it difficult to breathe, and we actually seek death. It’s death that frees us from our certainties, from our work, and from that terrible peace of our Sunday afternoons

Source: The pilgrimage by Paul Coelho

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

......Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi......

Din kuch aise guzarta hai koi
Jaise ehsaan utarta hai koi

Aaina dekh kar tasalli hui
Hum ko is ghar mein janta hai koi

Pak gya hai shajal mein phal shayad
Phir se pathar uchalta hai koi

Der se goonjte hain sannate
Jaise hum ko pukarta ha koi

Din kuch eisy guzarta ha koi
Jesy ehsan utarta ha koi........

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Quote Unquote...

In my opinion, the best thing you could do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are... good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome...what have you... the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.

-Mac Macguff, Juno (2007)


Ever tried getting up in the middle of the night ...its still dark out of the window and you know not nothing. That is, in what i think, the moment when you are at your truest best... to yourself. That is when you know what your truest feelings are, what you really require and what will complete you. What say?

Monday, March 1, 2010

On jealousy !!

When she was eleven years old, Anita went to her mother to complain. “I can’t manage to have friends. They all stay away from me because I’m so jealous.”
Her mother was taking care of newly-born chickens, and Anita held up one of them, which immediately tried to escape. The more the girl squeezed it in her hands, the more the chicken struggled.
Her mother said: “try holding it gently.”
Anita obeyed her. She opened her hands and the chicken stopped struggling. She began to stroke it and the chicken cuddled up between her fingers.
“Human beings are like that too,” said her mother. “If you want to hold onto them by any means, they escape. But if you are kind to them, they will remain for ever by your side.”

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Can you imagine what it's like to be alone in the crowd
To be the only one that is under an oppressing cloud?

Can you imagine what it's like to be the only one
To speak the truth, and yet be heard by none?

What can I say that i will make you understand
The affections I have suffered from other's hands?

Can you even convince the feelings that I have inside
The anger, the pain, even tears I keep inside?

The crowd expect you to stick to the norm
Suppressing all that makes you just to conform

So until I die I will remain alone in this life
These questions unanswered, through all my strife.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bheed ka saath nibhane ki jaroorat kya hai !!

Bheed ka saath nibhane ki jaroorat kya hai,
Log patthar hai manane ki jaroorat kya hai!

Apne kadmo pe bharosa to karo ae humdum,
Saath chalne ko zamane ki jaroorat kya hai!

Aao hum haat haqeeqat se milana sikhen,
Yun haqeeqat ko bhulane ki jaroorat kya hai!

Badh ke Saahil ko bhi aayena dikha den aao,
Iss kadar aaknkh churane ki jaroorat kya hai!

Zindagi apni, kadam apne, hai manzil apni,
Raah chalne ko bahane ki jaroorat kya hai!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Five Point Someone !!

"It is amazing how happy one can be with low expectations of one's self."

"It is amazing how people who know you well can sense everything."

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Veronica Decides to die !!

"There's always a gap between intention and action and one always

wanted to turn back halfway."

"Nothing in this world happens by chance"

The Witch of Portbello LP !!

"No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people's eyes, to reveal the marvels around."

"No one can manipulate anyone else. In any relationship, both parties know what they're doing,even if one of the, complains later on that they were used"

"They say that extroverts are unhappier that introverts and have to compensate for this by constantly proving to themselves how happy and contented and at ease with life they are."

"Lines by Robert Frost :
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."

"In my all life I've learned to suffer in silence"

"How do we find the courage to always be true to ourselves - Even if we are unsure of who we are?"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Eleven Minutes !!

"When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side. I saw this happen today as the sun went down. And yet if something goes wrong, there is nothing left ! no herons, no distant music, not even the taste of her lips. how it is possible for the beauty that was there only minutes before to vanish so quickly ?
Life moves so very fast. It rushes us from heaven to hell in a matter odf seconds."

"My aim is to understand love. I know how alive I felt when I was in love, and I know that everything I have no, however interesting it might seem,doesn't really excite me."

"Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me ? does it want me to take no risks, to go back where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life?"

"I made my first mistake, since then, I've realized that sometimes you get no second chance and that it's best to accept the gifts the world offers you. Of course it's risky, but is the risk any greater than the chance."

"If I must be faithful to someone or something, then I have, first of all, to be faithful to myself."

"Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realize that nothing really belong to them."

"Sex means, above all, having the courage to experience your own paradoxes, individually and willingness to surrender."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Its Not The Way U Think...

Its Not The Way U Think...

If you see me walking the road with someone else
Its not because I like his company
Its because you're not brave enough to walk beside me.

If you hear me talking about him all the time
Its not because he pleases me
Its because you're too deaf to hear my heartbeat

If you feel me falling with someone new
Its not because I love him
Because you're not there to catch me fall

If you feel lost, I too am nowhere
I too don't know where the road is going
Are we gonna cross each other's path

Or just completely turn around?
Will we just let go of what we had
Or go to the place where love is bound

Don't let me walk with him
Its you I want to walk with

Don't let me talk of him
It's you I want to talk with

Don't let me fall for him
It's you I want to fall in love with.

The Answer

When you thought I wasn't brave enough to walk beside you
I was behind you every step of the way
Still filled with awe because of the beauty that stands before me

When you thought I was too deaf to hear your heartbeat
I didn't want to assume anything
And I was afraid to lose our friendship

When you thought I wasn't there to catch you
It was because you never gave me the chance
You never reached the bottom, you've already grabbed a branch

If you feel like you are nowhere, I too am lost
I too don't know where the road is going
Are we just going to turn around,

Or are we gonna cross each other's path?
Will we just let go of what we had
Or go to the place where love is bound?

Don't let me walk alone
I want to walk by your side

Don't let me talk of something else
It's you I want to talk with

Don't let me fall for someone else
It's you I want to fall in love with.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Words that influence My Life !!

The List of Books Recently (and not so recently) Read :-

* "Five Point Someone" - Chetan Bhagat

* "Veronica Decides To Die" - Paulo Coelho

* "The Witch of Portobello LP" - Paulo Coelho

* "Eleven Minutes" - Paulo Coelho

* "Karma Bhoomi" - Premchand

* "Godan" - Premchand

* "Gunaho Ka Devta" - Dharamveer Bharti

* "Aurten" - Khushwant Singh

* "The Company of Womens" - Khushwant Singh

* "Julius Caesar" - William Shakespeare

* "Malgudi Days" - R. K. Narayan

* "The Alchemist" - Paul Coelho

* "Angels and Demons" - Dan Brown

* "Deception Point" - Dan Brown

* "The God of small things" - Arundhati Rai

* "Papillon" - Henri Charriere

* "Aadhe - Adhure" - Mohan Rakesh

* "Dilo - Danish" - Krishna Sobati

* "Shekhar -Ek Jeevani(I)" - Ageyeya

* "Shekhar -Ek Jeevani(II)" - Ageyeya

and many more...listed here soon..

Plan to Read :-

* "The Moor's Last Sigh" - Salman Rushdie

* "Satanic Verses" - Salman Rushdie

Friday, October 19, 2007

Questioning Beliefs - Our Inner Stock Market !!

Just as the stock market rises and falls in response to what people are willing to put their money behind, we have inside ourselves an inner economy that rises and falls in response to our beliefs about what is possible. Sometimes the degree to which we are willing to challenge our belief systems determines the success of our inner economy. For example, imagine that your family of origin had a belief that musical talent was not something they possessed. As a member of that group, you would likely inherit that same belief about yourself. As a result, even if you had a great desire to create music, you might be hesitant to really get behind yourself, fearing that your investment would not pay off. Even if you had the courage to follow your passion, your inner belief that you are not inherently talented would probably be a major obstacle to investing your energy in your dream.

On the other hand, if you found a way to release that negative belief, a great flood of energy would pour forth, greatly increasing the likelihood of your success. How much energy we are willing to invest in the various ideas, dreams, and visions we carry within is like the money people are, or are not, willing to invest in the various commodities available for trade on the stock market. And in both cases, belief plays a key role in determining how willing we are to get behind something. One way to open up the possibility for greater success in our inner economies is to understand that belief is not the reliable guide we sometimes think. There are other more reliable indicators of success that we can put our faith in, such as passion, gut instinct, and intuition. Some of the most successful investors in the stock market are the ones that go against the grain, trusting their instincts over the prevailing opinion about what will work.

In the same way, we can learn to trust our heart's desires and our instincts to guide us, questioning any beliefs that stand in the way of our ability to fully invest in ourselves. As we withdraw energy from limiting ideas about what is possible, we free up the resources that have the power to make our inner economy thrive.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Meeting Of The Minds - Fragments Of The Self

Sometimes it feels as if we have many different people living inside of us, expressing themselves in voices that seem distinct from one another. There is the inner child with its wants and needs, the angry voice that expresses its opinion and probably several more as well. With all these different parts of ourselves express differing desires and needs and opinions, we may begin to feel as if we have no clarity. It is difficult to know which voices to pay attention to and which ones to ignore or dismiss. Even if we manage to move forward amidst the confusion, doubts and concerns may linger in our psyches simply because they have not been fully expressed and examined. As a result, we may have trouble being at peace with the decisions we do make.

One way to handle this dilemma is to consciously make time for a meeting of the minds within our psyche. This can be done as a guided meditation or as a journaling exercise. In both we can summon the many fragments that make up the whole of who we are and give them each a chance to speak. This can be a helpful tool in the face of a decision we need to make, and it can also be a fruitful path to take in the interest of self-exploration and self-care. When we gather the many fragments of our psyche together, the health and power of the whole is greatly increased.

We can imagine a roundtable in which we gather all the various representatives of our being, allowing them to name themselves and giving them a chance to speak. We allow each one to weigh in, fully expressing the perspective they represent, and we listen without comment. As we listen, we may be amazed at the wisdom and energy stored in these fragments of our self. This gathering brings the fragmented pieces of our psyche into a closer relationship, enabling us to move forward as a unified whole.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Building a wall over a slice of cake and a cup of coffee

My aunt was born and brought up in Kanpur. Her mother was one of the first female ticket collectors with the Northern Railways. after my aunt's marriage, they settled in Delhi. Two and a ahalf decades later, I came to the national capital to complete my higher studies. My aunt helped me a lot in the new city. During our weekend talks, she told me how Delhi has changed over the years. It has become extremely populated and congested.

Over a slice of cake and a cup of coffee, she would tell me how 'Delhities' are pained when 'outsiders' take their jobs away. She even suggested that a wall be built around the national capital to stop 'outsiders' from pouring i n.....

Umar was born and brought up in kargil. His father was a weaver. Umar did not want to stay in kargil. The conflict had ruined his life. He had lost his friends and relatives in the war of terrorism. He wanted to go somewhere more peaceful. He wanted to go to Delhi. He never expected his father to agree. But his mother consented. He came to Delhi and joined a local university. Between studies and friends, a beautiful girl fell in love with him...

Esther is a usual twenty-two year old girl. She works as an executive with one of the leading BPO's in Gurgaon. She works hard to support herself and her family in Manipur. The AFSPA(1958) turned her world topsy-turvy. Her elder brother was picked up for questioning. He never came home----Esther's aunt was her father decided to send her to a safer place,Delhi.....

Raghopur is the only constituency of the former chief Minister of Bihar, Rabri Devi. Mahendra Mahto was born and brought up in Bihar,Raghopur. When the world was celebrating the coming of a new yaer, his pregnant aunt and five cousins were burnt to death. The Chief Minister announced a compensation of a sum of two lacs to the next kin of the dead and twenty thousand rupees were promised for the injured. Mahendra was the only known relative. The District Magistrate hand over a cheque of twenty thousand rupees, with a promise to pay him two lacs later. A loan of five thousand was paid off to the local moneylender. The hospital doctor demanded a 'donation',Mahendra gave him two thousand rupees. The head constable wanted some thing for 'chai-pani'. So Mahendra paid him another thousand. After losing eight thousand rupees in one week Mahendra decided to leave Raghopur as soon as possible. His friend Bansi Yadav, who was an auto rickshaw driver in Delhi had told him about its plying roads. Today, Mahendra lives in Delhi, he could never buy an auto-rickshaw, but he does pull a hired cycle-rickshaw there, enabling him to earn three-four thousand rupees a month.

It has been more than three years since I left Dhanbad, my hometown. I returned only thrice. Rest of the time, I have tried to become a 'Delhitie'. I have my plans- I want to work for a Multinational Company. And my children will never be called 'outsiders'. Over a slice of cake and cup of coffee, I wonder whether having built a wall around Delhi would have been worthwhile or not!

A Hundred-Rupee Note

It was a hot noon in July. I had risen from my illness and so decided to go for a shave. The barber wasn't too busy and so immediately I occupied the place. In the mean time, a dark woman of around twenty-five entered the saloon. She was perhaps a begger.
To my surprise, the barber was exceptionally quick in doing his job after that woman arrived and both of them were having a fine conversation with each other. After I paid him, the barber made a nod asking me to move out. His expression made me suspicious but having no other option, I moved out. I had hardly stepped out when the shutter behind me came scratching down. I knew that we people were in isolation on the other side of the shutter and this made a chill run down my spine. My heart snak and I stood frozen, then came the cry, that of a groaning misery - perhaps helplessness...

The shutter reopened after a few minutes. The woman slipped out, her eyes wet with submission. I steamed thinking that why had she agreed for this disgraceful act. Then, I saw a hundred rupee note clutched in her hand and I instantly knew that she was drenched in the misery of harsh conditions. I was left dumb seeing her helpless eyes and creeping feet. I too moved away, for I could not do anything.

Me, Reshma

"Aye hero,give me ten rupees,"I said clapping and tickled the young man lying on the top berth of the train. ""Chi...chi...go away," he reported. I went closer to him and started pulling his cheeks. There was pin-drop silence in the compartment as everybody looked scared. The boy handed over a ten-rupee note to me and pulled himself together again. As I left the compartment clapping and singing a popular number, I heard suppressed giggles.

My tears had dried up, not a drop fell from my eyes and I started tugging and nudging people in the next compartment. Dressed in an orange salwar-kameez with a wig tied to my hair and lots of low-quality make-up applied on my face, I chewed a paan, I was aware of the fact that as I moved from one boggie to another, I stood as a complete entertainment package for on-lookers. The saddest part was that the people who made me the butt of many of their jokes very well knew that I was not responsible for my present predicament. I was so because God made me thus. Sadhus, handicaps, children, old people..all collected a few coins playing on the emotional frequency of the people but when I spread my hands before people, all their sympathies evaporated and I was made to realize what I was.

As I moved to the next bogie, Tikli called out to me,"Reshma, ours is the next stop." "Oh! Yes..." Today we had to get down early as we had to attend a birth ceremony. A bigbusinessman had begotten a son after daughters, so he wanted us to come and bless his son. Needless to say, we would dance for the guests' pleasure and we would be given food and money in return.

That night, as we returned to our kholi for the first time in my twenty-seven year old life, I felt a terrible pain. I went to Lalita Devi, he leader of our group but my beloved 'Amma' and rested my head on her lap. She had brought me from South-India after my parents handed over to her since then she had been my mother, my friend, my beloved, my everyhing. "Amma, why did my parents leave me?", I asked wryly. "How many times will you ask this question?" She sounded irritated. "I want to know Amma, how could they abandon me for a fault I did not commit. I saw the parents of the child today at the ceremony, they loved him so much. Didn't my parents love me? Why do people laugh at me? Why can't we live like normal human beings? Why aren't we given jobs? Why do we to beg? Why can't we go to schools and colleges? Can't I love someone? I want to breathe freely Amma, I want to breathe freely."

My throat was choking and I couldn't speak any further. All I could feel was Amma's tears dropping on my face.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lessons of life !!

I feared being alone
Until I learned to like Myself .

I feared failure
Until I realized that I only Fail when I don't try .

I feared success
Until I realized That I had to try In order to be happy With myself.

I feared people's opinions
Until I learned that People would have opinions About me anyway.

I feared rejection
Until I learned to Have faith in myself.

I feared pain
Until I learned that it's necessary For growth.

I feared the truth
Until I saw the Ugliness in lies.

I feared life
Until I experienced Its beauty .

I feared death
Until I realized that it's Not an end, but a beginning .

I feared my destiny,
Until I realized that I had the power to change My life.

I feared hate
Until I saw that it Was nothing more than Ignorance.

I feared love
Until it touched my heart, Making the darkness fade Into endless sunny days.

I feared ridicule
Until I learned how To laugh at myself.

I feared growing old
Until I realized that I gained wisdom every day.

I feared the future
Until I realized that Life just kept getting Better.

I feared the past
Until I realized that It could no longer hurt me .

I feared the dark
Until I saw the beauty Of the starlight.

I feared the light
Until I learned that the Truth would give me Strength.

I feared change,
Until I saw that Even the most beautiful butterfly Had to undergo a metamorphos is Before it could fly .

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Believe in your heart !!

That something wonderful is about to happen.

One song can spark a moment.
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can a start the forest.
One smile brings a friendship.
One candle wipes the darkness.
One step must start each journey.
One hope raise our spirit.
One word must start prayer.
One voice can speak with wisdom.
One heart can know what's true.
One life can make the difference
You see it's up to YOU !

You never really lose your Value !!

A well known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill.

In the room of 200, he asked, "What is this piece of paper & is it worth any thing ?"

"It is a $20 bill, encashable in international & national markets for it's quoted value ?" replied one of the many participants who raised their hands.

He proceeded to crumple the dollar bill up using both his hands till it became a bundle of wrinkled paper.

He then unfolded it again and making an unsuccessful attempt to keep it straight he asked, "Would you still be able to negotiate it for it's quoted value?"

" Yes !!" was the echoing reply from the participants.

"Well," he said, "Looks like I haven't done enough ! What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, which was now all crumpled, dirty, defaced & not easy to recognise from a distance.

"Now will some one like to trade it for its quoted value?" Many hands went in the air.

"I think this piece of currency is still holding its quoted value" replied a participant in a slightly unsure voice.

"This bill can still fetch goods worth 20 Dollars" said the other participants. Every one agreed.

"My friends, there is a very valuable lesson in this exercise that we are just through with. It may have appeared to some of you, that I was able to deshape, deface, mutilate & alter the $20 bill during the process as the effects were quite visible".

"However, No matter what I did to this piece of paper, you still upheld its negotiability because you were sure in your mind that my actions did not actually decrease its value. It was still a currency note worth $20".

"Many times in our lives, we feel like as if we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and/or the circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are worthless. It may also appear to onlookers as if it has really happened to certain extent. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, please remember you never lose your "Value"."

Values that you cherish are indeed devoid of worldly disturbance & always are your saviour.

To, Broken Hearts !!

This is for the broken hearted. I know how you feel. Empty, betrayed, and no happiness whatsoever. You don't want to laugh, because you know it's not going to help, but you don't want to cry, because it will just make you feel worse. You feel like your heart is falling apart, but not only that, but you know soon your life is going to feel like it's falling apart too. You don't think it will ever end, and no matter what this person has done to you, it feels impossible to stop loving them. And everyone wonders why if they have hurt you so much, then why do you still love them. That's the confusing part, you don't know why, you just do, and the people who hurt you the most, and normally the ones you love the most. And then, after a few weeks, you finally feel a sense of relief, like you're getting happy again, but you know inside that you're just going into denial. And after a few more weeks, you're back to where you were an empty soul and teary eyes. You thought you got over them, but really, you just stopped showing it. And you can't help but to show it again. It leaves deep scars on your heart that are there forever. And no one understands how you feel, and how deep you are hurt, no matter who they are, because it hasn't happened to them And even if it has, every broken heart is different. They don't know the true pain you feel and carry each and everyday now, so you learn that basically you are alone with all this. And the feeling starts to overwhelm you, and suddenly you just break down, right there, because you know you've had enough, the tears just instantly start flowing, and you're to the point where you don't care who see's. Because you've spent so many nights lying awake in bed, and so many days being haunted by the scars and fear of rejection. And in the midst of all these tears, you know that its not helping any, and it's not going to bring them back, if you ever even had them in the first place. After about a million tears have been cried, you finally pull yourself back together and keep going. Your throat starts to clench and your eyes burn with the tears you are trying to hold back. Everyone says, "It will be okay But you know it won't. And that's the truth, it won't. And you look back on all of the hurt you had from this, and you realize that people are horrible. You're still hurt, but you've learned to hide it so that everyone thinks you are okay. So now every time you see this person, you know you still love them, and you feel a slight tingle in your heart yearning for them to love you, screaming out, but for some reason they don't hear it. And then you sit back and wonder how one person could have caused all of this...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dare 2 Dream

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Those thoughts and ideas that
seem beyond our reach yet fill our minds with possibilities. Do they
just appear out of nowhere? Are they a product of our imagination gone
wild? Or do they have a purpose beyond our comprehension?

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Why are we afraid to share
them aloud yet stay up late at night wondering-- What if?

Sometimes our hearts are filled with many dreams, sometimes there's
only one. A notion, an idea, an inkling that won't go away until we're
forced to ask ourselves, where did this dream of the heart come from?

Visions and images that seem impossible, far-fetched and odd. Yet when
they persist, we find ourselves wondering if our secret hopes and
dreams just might be from God.

The dream to write, to cook, to sing, the desire to garden, to sew, or
build, could be the seed God has planted in your heart to use for His
glory. Each dream is different and has it's own meaning but when it is
from God it has a glorious, everlasting purpose.

Why try and make sense of it all, none of us ever will. Instead, take
the small dream seed and ask-- Did You give me this dream? Ask Him,
He'll tell you. Then get ready! Through nurturing, caring and
believing in the dream seed you've been given, the impossible will
come to pass right before your eyes.

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Why they come from the Maker
of all good dreams-- God Himself, who is the one who plants the seeds
of possibility in our hearts then whispers, My child, don't be afraid.
Dare to dream, dare to believe then watch Me work

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Life as I have learned from Jigsaw Puzzle

Don't force a fit. If something is meant to be, it will come together naturally.

When things aren't going so well, take a break. Everything will look different when you return.

Be sure to look at the big picture. Getting hung up on the little pieces only leads to frustration.

Perseverance pays off. Every important puzzle went together bit by bit, piece by piece.

When one spot stops working, move to another. But be sure to come back later (see above).

The creator of the puzzle gave you the picture as a guidebook.

Variety is the spice of life. It's the different colors and patterns that make the puzzle interesting.

Establish the border first. Boundaries give a sense of security and order.

Don't be afraid to try different combinations. Some matches are surprising.

Take time to celebrate your successes (even little ones).

Anything worth doing takes time and effort. A great puzzle can't be rushed.

Dare to be Great !!

Though not always apparent, we always have a choice about the direction we take in life. We choose whether we will have a positive or negative attitude. We choose with whom we will spend time. We choose what we will do to make a living. Though we may not always be happy with our choices, we always have a choice.

Years ago my father did some work for Glen W. Turner, who designed and promoted a program called "Dare to be Great!" While there was much controversy about the program and the way it was marketed, I have always remembered the title because we can always test our comfort zone and Dare to be Great !!

What is the alternative? We can go down the same road we have been traveling. If this road is taking us to where we want to go, there is no reason to change. On the other hand, if we aren't getting the results we desire, we have the power to change course. It's easy to sit and realize what we want in life; what is difficult is to stand up and take action to achieve it!

We may ask ourselves, "What if I fail?" As we face the difficulties involved in taking on a new endeavor, a series of fears, uncertainties and doubts can impede our desire to go beyond our comfort zone. Our question should be, "How will I feel when I reflect upon my life if I don't have the courage to attempt to achieve my dreams?"

We have all made a mistake or two as we journey through this wonderful winding road we call life. The fear we feel of making a mistake and perhaps even "sticking our foot in our mouth" tends to block our progress when we Dare to be Great.

The difference between achieving "Greatness" and just existing is not a question of race, education or economic stability; rather, it is a function of our courage to pursue what we most desire, knowing the possibility of failure.

Those who achieve what they want in life are not always those who make the right decisions. Instead, they are those who make good decisions based on the information they have available knowing they can adjust their path when necessary.

Dare to be Great and the world shall be yours…

Strengthen your thoughts

Your thoughts can work for you or they can work against you. Choose right now to hold those thoughts that work in your favor.Choose the thoughts that give energy to your most cherished values and most treasured dreams. Choose thoughts that resonate with hope and love. To hold a certain specific thought requires no physical effort, no special training and no permission from anyone else.

Your thoughts are precisely what you allow them to be, as soon as you allow them to be. And those thoughts set the stage for the way you experience life. They serve as a lens through which you see the world, and they control the way you respond to every situation. When you develop a strong habit of filling your mind with positive, uplifting thoughts, you are well positioned to successfully meet the challenges that come your way. Empowering thoughts equip you to take effective and appropriate action.

Thoughts can come and go in an instant and have no physical dimensions, yet they exert enormous influence.

Strengthen your thoughts and you strengthen your life.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


What is the state of mind of a person who is Soul Conscious?
Is he Calm?
Is he Quiet?
he speaks sweetly ?
he remains silent?
he walks slowly?
he smiles very rarely?
Will he tolerate anything even if we scold him, even go about to hit him?
Will he keep smiling always?
Will he speak very slowly?
Will he be loving and kind always?
he will not talk rough or never get angry?
he will suffer inside and outside he will be always full of smiles?
Will he say YES to everyone or anything?
Will he come under depression?
Will he be always soul conscious or only sometimes or due to something?
Will he feel hatred?
Will he become angry?
Will he be concentrated always?
Will he be serious always?
Will he feel depressed due to attachment to thing or person?
How does he remember God?
Does he like sweets?
How much food he takes?
How does he identify himself?
We have many assumptions or ideas about a person who is soul conscious – do we know what we know is a myth or just an idea or reality?

What is a real nature of Soul Conscious person?

There are different levels of soul conscious according to the practice , effort and attention?
In reality all the human beings if they are natural and relaxed , all act in soul conscious only.But the difference is identified based on how long we remain in Soul conscious.
The persons practice, effort and attention determines what are the situations he is able to remain in soul conscious and how long he is able to be in Soul conscious in that particular situation.
The easy identification if a person is under body consciousness or Soul conscious is, the Soul conscious person is alert, happy, peaceful, loveful and this nature will be at varying degrees at various times but he will not come under the influence of body by means of Lust, anger, desire, attachment and ego until he maintains the conscious of soul.
Is he Calm and quiet and silent?
He will be internally calm but outside he would remain either active or remain calm according to the health condition or outside situations. Younger person will be active and older person will be less active by physically. Calmness of soul conscious does not belong only to the body.
When there is no work or mind do not have anything to think, then his body and mind will remain calm, quiet and silent
he speaks sweetly ?
Yes but may not be always, his words will be according to the role he plays at that point of time. It need not be sweet at all times. If his role is of a Father or Mother, the words will be sweet. If his role is of getting things done, his words will be fast and quick but still within the limit of making others understand and words will be free of any animosity
he walks slowly?
If his body condition is good, he will walk quickly, will be faster than a normal person, because his mind is alert and active, with full of energy.
he smiles very rarely?
He smiles according to the situation but never laugh making a noise.If the situation is always relaxed and easy , no planning of mind, then he smiles to everyone and interact with smile. If the situation is serious and mind has to think, he never smiles.but he will be easy going with everyone.
Will he tolerate anything even if we scold him, even go about to hit him?
Need not be at all times. If he feels speaking will help, then he speaks and tries to make things clear and if it does not work he will remain silent.
Will he speak very slowly?
His words , if we think it is slow, it will not be such slow that others will feel to increase the speed of his speech.He can speak at any speed but will make sure others understand and follow.
Will he be loving and kind always?
He will be internally loving and kind always but externally others may not identify them.
he will not talk rough or never get angry?
He may not talk rough but his words may be hard to make others understand. Still the words will not hurt anyone.
he will suffer inside and outside he will be always full of smiles?
He will clear and alert inside even if he is suffering outside.
Will he say YES to everyone or anything?
If need arises he would not hesitate to say NO.
Will he come under depression?
Never ever possible for a person to come under depression if he is soul conscious.
Will he be always soul conscious or only sometimes or due to something?
Initially it will be sometimes and due to something, and by practice and constant attention the sometimes will become very few times and something will become very few things and by strong effort he can remain always in soul conscious.
Will he feel hatred?
If a person is feeling hatred , it is 100% sure that he is under severe body consciousness and it is difficult to come back to soul consciousness once again. Little more effort is required.
Will he be concentrated always?
Actions performed in soul conscious will be accurate and perfect.
He can keep doing many different things because his mind will not come under strain or depressed by changing things or situations
He can stabilize/concentrate his mind anywhere at anytime and any number of times very easily.
Will he be serious always?
Depends upon the situations but internally he is alert, clean and clear.
How does he remember God?
Very naturally without any effort, very easily He is always connected to God, if he wants to be.
Does he like sweets?
He likes sweets but he will not desire to eat sweet because he is already sweet in his nature. If situation arises that he is offered sweets, he would have it.
How much food he takes?
He takes food that much (not heavy) that he will not feel drowsy that he loses his attention on soul.
How does he identify himself?
When he is not doing anything, he will identify himself as a silent point of light located at the middle of the eyebrow and when he is involved in activities, he see himself as point of light with all the Original qualities of Peace, Love, Happiness, Pure and Powerful located at the middle of eyebrow.
So constantly he is aware of himself as a point of Energy not coming into the conscious of body.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is It Me !!! Don't Know ??

Made myself up. New family, New history.
I don't know why,
It wasn't that I didn't like myself
Maybe I found the fictional me more interesting.

It was something that just happened,
Like an accident you see unfolding,
Happening to you in slow motion
But seeming to happen to somebody else.

And now that it's over
And I'm living in the wreckage,
I think: This isn't me!
But of course it is...

~~ Unknown

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"The Alchemist"

"They trust me, and they've forgotten how to rely on their own instincts, because I lead them to nourishment.."

"The problem is that they don't even realize that they're walking a new road everyday. They don't see that the fields are new and the season change. All they think about is food and water.."

"It's the simple things in life that r the most extraordinary; only wise man are able to understand them..."

"At the certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and lives become controlled by fate. That's the world's greatest truth.."

"People say strange things. Sometime it's better to be with the things, who don't say anything. And better stiull to be alone with oneself.."

"People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.."

"People learn, early in their lives, wat is their reason for being, "with a certain bitterness". May be that's why they give up on it so early, too. But that's the way it is.."

"Everything in Life has it's Price.."

"Sometime it's better to leave things as they are.."

"Sometimes I felt jealous of the freedom of the wind, and wish that i could have the same freedom.."

"Always ask a objective question to urself having only two options 'Yes' & 'No'..."

"I think i'm a stranger in a stranger land.."

"I'm like everyone else. I see the world in terms of what I would like to see happening, not what actually does.."

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.."

"If I can learn to understand the language without words. I can learn to understand the world.."

"It's called the principle of favourability, beginner's luck. Because life want you to achieve ur destiny.."

"I didn't want to change anything, because i don't know how to deal with changes. I'm used to the way I'm.."

"Sometime, there's just no way to hold back the river.."

"When someone make decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.."

"The closer one get to realizing his destiny, the more becomes his true reason for being.."

"People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want.."

"When you can't go back, you ahve to worry only about the bset way of moving ahed.."

"When you want something with all ur heart, that's when ur closest to the soul of the world. It's always a positive force.."

"Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.."

"One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.."

"There is only one way to learn, and it's through action. Everything u need to know u have learned through ur journey.."

"People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them.."

"The fear of suffering is worse that the suffering itself.."

"The darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn.."

"When you possess great treasures with in you, and try to tell others of them, seldom r u believed.."

"Ur eyes shows the strength of ur soul.."

"Everything that happens once can never happens again, but everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.."

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm No Loser....I'm a winner !!!

Ø I’m No Loser I’m A Winner,

Ø I’m A Survivor I’m No Sinner,

Ø Tested In Many Walks Of Life

Ø Filling It With Lots Of Strife

Ø I Have Failed Again Today

Ø But Tommorow Will Be Mine

Ø Like A Star I Will Also Shine

Ø I Will Not Give Up Because I Know I Can

Ø I Don’t Care If I Have No Support Of Any Man

Ø Oh Life U Can Test Me Howmuch U Want

Ø To Your Hearts Content But Be Ready If U Cant

Ø Cause,

Ø No More Like The Tree Will Be I Weak

Ø Bending With The Heavy Blowing Wind And Meek

Ø I Have Decided To Put An End

Ø To The Chapter Of Failure My Best Friend

Ø Success No More With Me U Can Play Hide And Seek
Cause Its Time Now For Me To Be In The Lead

Snatching the Innocence !!!

I wished I prayed to god, to remove this fog
And clear the vision it distorted
I am on a thready branch,
My life has just started.
I don’t want to loose my innocence,
I want to live my adolescence
Why do you want me to grow old?
Why do you force me to mould?
Don’t I have the right to be young?
Not only physically but from my thoughts?
Suddenly the world for me has shrunk
Remove this fog, my vision it distorts.

I am too young to fly like an eagle
To young to roar, my voice is so feeble.
I don’t want to see the distorted picture
Please help me I am a poor creature.
It pains me to know you stabbed my back
You could always stab my face,
But I know its courage that you lack.
If think you are right,
Just look into my eyes.
Please god; remove this fog,
And clear the vision it distorts.

Mercy Killing !!!

With the innocence of a child I once asked, why do people suicide, uncle?
He said- it’s what cowards do to hide from their troubles.
Those words got engraved in my mind,
When I grew up I became a social worker for the sake of humankind
And then one-day science invented something very satanic,
They called it ‘mercy killing’; but for me the whole concept was sick,
They argued that it’s better to end the life then being a burden,
I simply couldn’t understand which devil had conquered the minds of these men.
I tried to put brains into their heads,
But all my efforts fell dead.

The concept of mercy killing was getting touchy,
People started considering it as an easy remedy.
By that time I had grown old,
the wrinkles had shown up
Like all oldies I also got stuck to bed.
Soon my body started to degrade,

I puked; I coughed the whole day, whole night
Initially my children took care of me,
But soon they started to have fights.
Looking after me was not so easy.
The solution they arrived on,
Was to pay me back with some shining dimes.1
Soon, for me, they hired a home nurse,
She took care of me day and night,
All my children had to do was to fill her purse

I wondered and painfully smiled over the thought-
Parents took care of their child without the condition of money and time,
but for taking care of them their children fought,
In the name of money, effort and time
That day I wrote my will,
In that I asked for the satanic mercy kill.
When my children got to know this they didn’t react,
All they did was to sit around me when the doctors did their act.
When the needle entered the vain of mine,
I didn’t fell the pain thinking of those payback dimes
As my death-call approached through the arms of science,
I just wondered- would it ever prick their conscience?

~~~Source..Some Article

Against The Wall !!

I sit on this cold sidewalk
With my back against the wall
As people pass me by
They hardly look at me at all

I stick out my right hand
And I quietly plead
Praying someone will take the time
To help a poor man in need

Some people give me a few dollars
While others pitch me a nickel or dime
Some people have nothing to offer
Because I'm not even worth their time

My very presence seems to offend them
I’m just another pathetic being
Another miserable, lazy loser
Is what I am; is what they’re seeing

I never would have thought
That I would end up sitting here
What happened to my dreams?
A house? A family? A career?

While on the road of life
Some where I’ve taken a wrong path
Now I’m lost and terrified
Completely consumed in this angry wrath

So now I try to come up with a plan
For my social restitution
To rejoin society's ranks
And put an end to this destitution

I've reached a point of desperation
Enough to lie, to cheat, to steal
As my hunger pains increase and
I don't know where to find my next meal

Something has to give because
This is not the way it’s supposed to be
I’m frantically looking for an answer
A solution to this life of poverty

I doubt I’ll make it out
In fact, I hold little hope at all
As I sit on this cold sidewalk
With my back against the wall

~~~by Amanda Bee

Easy Vs Difficult !!!

Easy is to get a place is someone's address book.
Difficult is to get a place in someone's heart.

Easy is to judge the mistakes of others
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes.

Easy is to talk without thinking
Difficult is to refrain the tongue.

Easy is to hurt someone who loves us.
Difficult is to heal the wound.

Easy is to forgive others
Difficult is to ask for forgiveness.

Easy is to set rules
Difficult is to follow them.

Easy is to dream every night.
Difficult is to fight for a dream.

Easy is to show victory
Difficult is to assume defeat with dignity.

Easy is to admire a full moon
Difficult to see the other side.

Easy is to stumble with a stone
Difficult is to get up.

Easy is to enjoy life every day
Difficult to give its real value.

Easy is to promise something to someone
Difficult is to fulfill that promise.

Easy is to say we love.
Difficult is to show it every day.

Easy is to criticize others.
Difficult is to improve oneself.

Easy is to make mistakes.
Difficult is to learn from them.

Easy is to weep for a lost love.
Difficult is to take care of it so not to lose it.

Easy is to think about improving.
Difficult is to stop thinking it and put it into action.

Easy is to think bad of others
Difficult is to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Easy is to receive
Difficult is to give.

Easy to read this
Difficult to follow.

Easy is keep the friendship with words
Difficult is to keep it with meanings.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Another day...come n go
Just another defeat...
Can't wait..
Can't share..
Need some time to overcome..
Can't do anything instead of laughing at myself..

U Can't Make It Everytime !!!

Life is too short to put up with unsatisfactory situations. Do things because you want to do them not because someone else expects you to do them. Any decision resulting in a loss of your valuable time or self respect is unacceptable. Don't do things because they are expected of you or because you think you should or because you will feel anxious or guilty if you don't. It's later than you think.

Change UR Vision !!!

There was a millionaire who was bothered by severe eye pain. He consulted so many physicians and was getting his treatment done. He did not stop consulting galaxy of medical experts; he consumed heavy loads of drugs and underwent hundreds of injections.

But the ache persisted with great vigour than before. At last a monk who has supposed to be an expert in treating such patients was called for by the millionaire. The monk understood his problem and said that for sometime he should concentrate only on green
colours and not to fall his eyes on any other colours. The millionaire got together a group of painters and purchased barrels of green color and directed that every object his eye was likely to fall to be painted in green colour just as the monk had

When the monk came to visit him after few days, the millionaire's servants ran with buckets of green paints and poured on him since he was in red dress, lest their master not see any other colour and his eye ache would come back.

Hearing this monk laughed said "If only you had purchased a pair of green spectacles, worth just a few rupees, you could have saved these walls and trees and pots and all other articles and also could have saved a large share of his fortune. You cannot paint
the world green." Let us change our vision and the world will appear accordingly. It is foolish to shape the world, let us shape ourselves first.

Lets change our vision..!!

Think simple,Live simple.."

Friday, March 2, 2007

I'm (Not) So Lonely !!

"Being a loner is not being lonely. Loners look not depressed but radiant.
They are at peace. They don't crave others."

"We always exhibit just one aspect of our being. It can be our mind, body or spirit but never the complete self. Spending time with yourself enriches your personality."

"I get my best thought when i am alone."

Today we have anyone and everyone for a friend, except ourselves. Others may know of our likes and dislikes but only we know our body chemistry. So it is extremely important to be friends with yourself. Taking time out to do something that entertains you only.
Why should every action of yours be dictated by societal pressure ?
Why should you do everything to please others ?
We are always playing one role or the other and, in this process, we have lost our true selves.

In this world, where people are known by their associations, how is it that some choose to be alone ? They do not need others all the time.
In their sorrow, they choose to be alone; in their ecstacy, they choose to be alone.
Not lonely, just alone. By choice !!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

What I Feels !!!

If You Have A Dream Don't wait for some distant day to come,
it may be too late before you've even begun.

Not everyone will agree with all you decide.

Be true to yourself first and foremost.

The only important thing in life is what you do

with the time you spend here on earth.

Don't be afraid to follow your desires,

they are not silly nor selfish.

Take the time and do what makes you feel alive.

Leave your fears and regrets in the past,
for this is where they belong.

Don't cloud today with things that can't be undone.

You have no more control over yesterday or tomorrow,
than you do the raging of your passions.

Do not quiet these dreams nor quench your desires.

For if you do, your journey is ended.

You have only today to begin a new and follow your dreams.

For in the end all we have are our memories.

When the twilight comes to us, let there be,

No excuses, no explanations, no regrets !!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Believe In It !!

WILL NEVER LET YOU CRY.................

BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE NICE.......................

EVEN IF YOU ARE LEFT ALONE......................

TWICE A DAY...................................


Monday, February 19, 2007

It's 4 U !!

"Don't lower your Goals to the level of your abilities.
Instead, raise your abilities to the height of your goals "

Every moment, every situation, every issue and every concern has a positive side.

Find it and bring it to life.... ..

I Have Realized That...

Tears convey more than, What words can ever say !!

You can't have happiness, Unless you are already happy !!

Kids are never at fault, They just mirror our faults !!

If you make decisions with your heart, You are bound to regret them later in life !!

I am better, When i am silent !!

Lonelier you feel, Lonelier the world makes you feel !!

No matter how many times I pray, I only get what i rightfully deserve !!

When i am ecstatic about something, There are never enough people to share it with !!

Words had hurt me more than, The wounds i had suffered in life !!

When you have nothing to lose, You show your true character !!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dn't know Why !!...But Like it.

" Yeh pagalpan nahi to aur kya hai phir
Zameen ke hokar asman se baghawatein karna

Jo apni Qismat mein hai milega wohi
Kis baat pe hai RAB se shikayate karna "

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remember these WORDS !!!

Don't let go of hope.
Hope gives you the strength to keep
going when you feel like giving up.

Don't ever quit believing in yourself.
As long as you believe you can,
you will have a reason for trying.

Don't let anyone hold your
happiness in their hands;
hold it in yours, so it will always
be within you reach.

Don't measure success or failure by
material wealth, but by how you feel;
our feelings determine the richness
of our lives.

Don't let bad moments overcome you;
be patient, and they will pass.

Don't hesitate to reach out for help;
we all need it from time to time.

Don't run away from love but towards
love, because it is our deepest joy.

Don't wait for what you want to come to
you; go after it with all that you are,
knowing that life will meet you halfway.

Don't feel like you've lost when plans
and dreams fall short of your hopes.
Anytime you learn something new about
yourself or about life, you have progressed.

Don't do anything that takes away from
your self-respect; feeling good about
yourself is essential to feeling good
about life.

Don't ever forget how to laugh or be
too proud to cry.
It is by doing both that we live
life to its fullest.